FAQ about the characters

Q: Why do all the characters look different? 

A: In Juju Sky's world, the treehouse holds a special enchantment where every child's appearance transforms as they step inside. It is the power of their boundless imaginations that breathes life into their unique characters, making each one look different from the next.

As the children enter the treehouse, a wondrous metamorphosis occurs. Their ordinary features take on extraordinary forms, shaped by the limitless possibilities of their imaginations. One child might sprout shimmering wings and a crown of flowers, while another could become a courageous knight adorned in armor. The variations are endless, as the children's creative minds shape their characters in magical and imaginative ways.

Inside the treehouse, the air is filled with an aura of excitement and wonder. The children's drawings come to life, influenced by their distinct artistic styles and preferences. Each child's character is a reflection of their individual imagination, resulting in a diverse array of colorful, whimsical, and sometimes even fantastical beings.

The treehouse becomes a sanctuary of self-expression and exploration, where children revel in their uniqueness and celebrate one another's creativity. They delight in the joy of sharing their imaginative characters, marveling at the endless possibilities that unfold within the magical confines of the treehouse.

Through this enchantment, the children not only discover the beauty of their own creativity but also learn to appreciate and embrace the imaginative worlds of their friends. They realize that differences in appearances and characters are what make their experiences in the treehouse even more magical and exciting.

In Juju Sky's world, the treehouse serves as a gateway to a realm where each child's imagination reigns supreme. It is a place where diversity is celebrated, and the power of creativity knows no bounds. Within the treehouse, the children forge lasting friendships and embark on incredible adventures, all shaped by the wonderful and varied characters that spring forth from their collective imaginations.