Meet Shania

Shania: The Nurturing and Inquisitive 12-Year-Old

  • Shania assumes the role of the older sister to Juju Sky and Kurt, creating a special family bond.



  • Shania has a special fascination with plants.
  • Enjoys observing their growth and caring for her garden.
  • Cultivates vibrant flowers, leafy greens, and delicate herbs.

Nature Exploration:

  • Shania embraces outdoor exploration with curiosity.
  • Hikes through forests, explores trails, and discovers hidden natural wonders.
  • Documents observations in a nature journal.


  • Reading is a cherished pastime for Shania.
  • Immerses herself in books that transport her to different places and realms.
  • Nurtures empathy and broadens perspective through storytelling.

Future Outlook:

  • Shania's nurturing spirit and quest for knowledge set the stage for a future.
  • Plans to explore the wonders of nature, advocate for the environment, and share the transformative power of reading.